Frequently Asked Questions

What is Richmond Tri Club about?

We exist to foster and support the camaraderie, exposure and excellence of Richmond's multisport community. Read more about our purpose here.  View our Code of Conduct here.

How much does it cost to join and what do I get?

Our membership fees are low and our family memberships are even a better deal. Members get a range of discounts on race entry fees, coaching and tri gear from our many sponsors, as well as many other club benefits such as free, coached group workouts. Check out our benefits page. It is well worth being part of the club.  Sign-up or Renew now!

How long does it take to process a membership?

Instantly!  Once you complete your on-line membership application and process your payment.  
If you have any questions please contact our Membership Coordinator, Lenora Mariner, at 

Why isn't the RTC Sprint race happening in 2021? 

RTC and Kinetic Multisports have worked hard to put on an awesome sprint tri every April for many years. It's become a tradition! So, we are all sad to see the race not continue, but there were two main drivers that made our traditional race site (SwimRVA in Chesterfield County) untenable going forward. First, athlete safety is the club's number one concern, and the increasing traffic on the Route 10 bike course has made it unsafe to continue to hold a race at the Chesterfield race site. Secondly, the cost. As compared to other tris, the RTC sprint location is extremely expensive to reserve and course mark (police, coning). 


But don't despair! in 2021 RTC is planning a unique series of races for club members. We are mapping out a swim-run race series, and bike time-trials. Stay tuned! And, if you'd like to be involved in planning or volunteering, send us an email.

How do I get a uniform?

Club uniforms, or what tri peeps call "kits" as well as bike jerseys, shorts and jackets are available year round at our store

If you have any questions, feel free to email Lilo Navales, Uniform Coordinator.

I'm a good runner, and have always wanted to attempt a triathlon. Do you need to know how to do all the sports well to join your club?

Absolutely not! Part of our mission is to assist those athletes that have the desire to become multi-sport athletes. By joining the RTC, you open a complete resource of clinics, structured workouts and network of athletes of all levels.  There are also lots of incredible resources available to our members through Ironman and USAT initiative Time to Tri!

Am I allowed to try out a workout or event before I join?

Yes, a non-member is always welcome to attend one of our club social events (registration is required for most events), and a group ride.  Feel free to come hang and workout to get to know the Club before joining. Note that our open water swims in the James River are for members only due to safety and liability reasons.

What advice can you give to the 1st time triathlete on how to learn more about multisport?

Check out the RTC Calendar for clinics, group workouts and events, for starters. Then, get to know some friends who enjoy triathlon and ask, work out, and learn. If you are looking to ramp up quickly, check out our sponsor page for great coaching organizations who support RTC.

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