Swichio is an online marketplace where you can use your social network to buy, sell and trade athletic gear.  Why?  Because deals are just easier and more reliable when you buy from who you know.  We feel that this will be a valuable way for club members to interact and share information about great deals on gear.

All club members will have access to use the site to sell your gear for free. Login to view discount code.   Whether your are upgrading or unloading gear, visit


The Charlottesville Triathlon Club is dedicated to the promotion and participation of the sport of triathlon - swimming, biking, and running. We are committed to bringing triathletes together and building camaraderie between individuals through group training, clinics, social functions and participation in community events. We also promote health, wellness and safety in the spirit of endurance sports. The club runs and promotes 3 races in the Charlottesville Triathlon Series, which includes a June Sprint Tri, a July International Tri and an August XTERRA Off-Road Tri race (dates and details on the RTC Calendar) and they are offering discounts to RTC members! Since the clubs inception in 2004 we have given away over $80,000 to charity from the proceeds from the race series. While we are proud of the race series, this is a club and fun is important.  Even if you have never participated in a Triathlon, or not sure that you will, we invite you to learn more about the sport and the club. So come to one of our group workouts and Join the Club!

RABA is part of the partnership between local clubs - RTC, TNP, RABA and Richmond Pro Cycling. The Richmond Area Bicycling Association hosts a variety of group rides and provides advocacy for local cycling before the General Assembly, local governing bodies and planning authorities - they work together to make sure the voice of cycling is heard. They also participate in governmental and charity programs and host the annual Heart of Virginia Century and Bike Festival benefiting Hanover Mental Health and Habitat for Humanity.

A new professional cycling team is hoping to break down barriers between cyclists and triathletes. Richmond Pro Cycling is the brainchild of Craig Dodson and Sarah Caravella, two seasoned professional cyclists who have settled in Richmond. The team, originally founded three years ago as Nature's Path Pro-Am Cycling, was ranked 2nd nationally for semi-professional cycling teams. RPC's team structure ties top-level professionalism (currently 7 members) with youth development programs and widespread community involvement efforts. Look for RPC's support and participation in clinics and workshops for TMP, RABA and RTC members throughout the year.

The Richmond Tri Club Sprint is part of Set Up Event's Virginia Tri Series. Set Up been an supporter of the club for many years and are offering our club members discounts to  the Richmond Tri Club Sprint Race and all races in the VTS/MTS series. Login to view discount code.

4914 Fitzhugh Avenue Suite 103      Richmond, VA      

TRIgirl/TRIquest Training is the leader in endurance sports coaching.  The heart of our team lies in the camaraderie of our teams working together under the guidance of professional, enthusiastic and experienced coaches.  Our goal is to safely prepare you for your race in peak condition and have fun while reaching your goals.Come learn how TRIgirl/TRIquest team can help you reach your goals.

Contact Grandison Burnside for more information
ZenergySports is three parts: one part corporate consulting, one part event consulting, and one part coaching! New non-conventional concepts for corporate wellness directors to create a new shift toward positive results for employees looking to change with great focus on open minded progressive companies. Part two is consulting for event directors to streamline planning and share desirable expertise skill sets. The other is specialized, custom, individualized coaching of current and future athletes, as well as all people searching for change.

At Peluso Open Water, we specialize in preparing you for your next open water swim triathlon. From sprint to Ironman, we will get you from the start to T-1 faster and with less effort allowing you to attack the rest of your race. Visit to get more information and register for any of our programs as well as private lessons.

Your favorite races in Richmond, just a new name.  Visit our club discount page for discount information!  View the race calendar here!
Our goal at Hands on Healing Massage Therapy is to provide a comfortable environment in combination with top-notch treatment. Our sports massage treatment is ideal for any serious work-out enthusiast. During sessions we utilize specific knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology with the goal of enabling athletes to attain their highest potential. Let us help you reach and exceed your goals. Contact us today at (804)651-1614. All club members will receive a 30% discount on massage services.

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